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Kanye Tweets 'Yonkers' Video Is Best Ever
Posted: Thursday - March 3, 2011 | Comments: (0)

 Kanye WestDespite the soon release of his anticipated Monster video, Kanye West tweeted that up-and-coming Los Angeles rapper Tyler The Creator has the video of 2011. West tweets, “http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSbZidsgMfw The video of 2011,” just two weeks after the release of Ye’s controversial All Of The Lights video.


Tyler’s Yonkers video, already 2 milliion hits on YouTube, includes the 19 year old animating schizophrenic gestures on a stool before a white background, eating and puking up a cockroach, getting a bloody nose from implied drug use, and hanging himself with a noose.


Tyler, whose Goblin LP is to be released via XL Recordings in April, is not new to controversy, with his kamikaze performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and a string of violent disses. On Yonkers, Tyler threatens one Grammy-nodded artist, “And stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus.”



The aspiring rapper was quick to reply to West’s nod, tweeting, “YONKERS Went Platinum+ On Youtube. I’m Fucking Happy As Shit. Hey Everyone. 5 Tears Just Ran Down My Fucking Face.”


Sharing the same diabolic tattoo and Supreme endorsement, provocateur filmmaker Harmony Korine apparently reached out to connote that Yonkers is a triumph for shoestring videos, especially after the endorsement-riddled I Need A Doctor and a plagiarized All Of The Lights.


- By Peter Marrack

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